The Happy Birthday Never-Ending Prank Greeting Card


Looks like an ordinary birthday card, right? Innocent and sweet right? WRONG!

The Happy Birthday Never-Ending Glitter Card is an outrageous creation of Glitter & Never-Ending Happy Birthday song, bundled up into one, unsuspecting & normal ‘Happy Birthday’ card.


Gift Wrap Design

Penis ($7.95)


Looks like an ordinary greeting card, right? Innocent and sweet right? WRONG! 

This greeting card is no ordinary greeting card.

Once opened, the card will begin to play a very loud and annoying ‘Happy Birthday’ Song. The card will just play and play (for up to 3 hours!) unless you literally destroy the card! And then the fun is all over. Right?

WRONG AGAIN! Because when your hapless victim frantically attempts to rip the card to pieces in a flurry of red-faced embarrassment, they’ll be SHOWERED IN A CLOUD OF ANNOYING HARD-TO-GET-RID-OF GLITTER. AHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Aaaaaand then they’ll probably murder you. But I think we can all agree, it’ll be totally worth it.

** This Prank Card now goes off when opened! We no longer force a user to press a button to activate the sound. **


  • Loops a very loud & annoying ‘Happy Birthday’ song  – non-stop!
  • Safe mode allows you to test and sign before activating
  • Prank Card is filled with glitter, so destroying it is part of the fun! (for you)


  • Minimum one-hour battery life
  • Please ship carefully in a padded box or similar


Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Activated, Safe-mode